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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Neighbor Reports Burglary in Progress, Three Arrests Result, Property Recovered in Henry County

Dustin Bertrand
According to Sheriff Kent Oberkrom, three persons were arrested on 24-hour investigation for burglary and stealing charges, in connection with the burglary of a residence, which was discovered by a neighbor while the crime was in progress, in the 500 block of NW Hwy 7, near Clinton, on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. Shortly after 12:00 p.m., Corporal Zach Sebree was dispatched to NW Hwy O, as an alert neighbor had contacted and reported witnessing a residential burglary which was in progress, to Henry County Central Communications.

Once the suspects realized that they had been discovered at the residence by the reporting neighbor, they immediately departed the scene, by vehicle. The suspect vehicle fled the address south on NW Hwy 7, turning north onto NW Hwy O. The reporting neighbor remained on the telephone with Central Communications and continued to follow the suspect vehicle, while reporting its current location as the vehicle continued to flee from the scene. Cpl. Sebree located the suspect vehicle in the 600 block of NW Hwy O, making contact with the vehicle’s occupants. 

A search of the vehicle was conducted, which led to the discovery of property which was stolen from the residence on HW Hwy 7. Subsequently, all of the vehicle’s occupants were taken into custody by Cpl. Sebree at the scene and transported to the Henry County Detention Center. Arrested on 24-hour investigation for second degree burglary, stealing, and possession of burglary tools, was Dustin Bertrand, age 21, of Edwards, Anna Mikov, age 24, of Clinton, and Chasten Bax, age 19, who reported being homeless.

“While property crimes are reported to our office on nearly a daily basis, being alert to the suspicious or unusual behavior of persons, as well as unfamiliar vehicles, and reporting these suspicious activities, still tends to be one of the best tools we can rely on, when solving these types of crimes”, Sheriff Oberkrom stated.

“Please continue to report any suspicious activity when it’s observed or is occurring, to your local law enforcement agency”, Sheriff Oberkrom concluded. 

Chasten Bax

Anna Mikov

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