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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fall Homecoming Week at Butler High School Sept 12-16

HOMECOMING THEME: Let's Sink the Pirates/Under the Sea
  • Monday - Shipwrecked - Dress like your stranded on an island
  • Tuesday - Crew Day: Battle of the Classes
Seniors - Blue, Ocean
Juniors - Red, Sunburn
Sophomore - Yellow, Sunset
Freshman - Green, Seaweed
8th Grade - Orange, Nemo
7th Grade - Tan, Sand

  • Wednesday - Day on the Beach
  • Thursday - Walk the Plank - Pirate/Mermaid
  • Friday - "Black out the Pirates"
QUEEN CANDIDATES: Morgan Lamb, Keegan Lawrence, Jolynn Ross
PRINCESS CANDIDATES: Junior Casey Roberts, Sophomore - Peyton Heckadon, Freshman- Sydney Patterson
Party in the Parking Lot will be Thursday night 4:30 with several food booths sponsored by HS Clubs and the FFA will have a BBQ
Friday, Sept 16 Homecoming Parade at 2:00
Football Game vs Ash Grove 7:00pm.]

The Homecoming Dance will be from after the game until midnight. Admission is $3 per person or $5 per couple. Concessions will be available for $1.25. 

Students bringing out of town or school dates to the Homecoming dance need to have them signed up in the office by Monday, September 12th - end of the day!!