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Thursday, June 15, 2017

From the Clinton Fire Department

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On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at 1:15 p.m. ,the Clinton Fire Department was dispatched to a motor vehicle crash in the 900 block of North Highway 13. The crash occurred as a company based out of Houston, Texas, was transporting an oversized load northbound and experienced a difficulty which caused the load and trailer to become overturned in the ditch on the west side of Highway 13.

The load was being moved with a semi in the front pulling the load and a semi in the rear which was attached to the trailer and was pushing the load. 

The semi in the front remained on the highway while the semi in the rear was overturned with the trailer in the ditch. There was concern the overturned semi was leaking diesel fuel which could not be confirmed as the fuel tank was in the ditch.

Firefighters were unable to visually inspect the fuel tank and underneath the truck. The property owner had a pond used to water livestock which was located approximately 15 feet from the truck and any fuel leak could flow into the pond. With the property owners assistance with a tractor and loader Firefighters were able to build a dam to stop any leaking fuel from making it into the pond.

Firefighters continuously monitored the situation and awaited the arrival of a wrecker service from Sedalia to remove the truck from the ditch and to allow Firefighters to take care of the possible leak. The Henry County Emergency Management Director and the Department of Natural Resources were notified of the incident.

The incident also involved a Ford pickup which was struck and forced off the Highway. The occupants of the pickup were transported by Golden Valley EMS to Golden Valley Hospital. The driver of the overturned semi was treated by Golden Valley EMS on scene. Firefighters remained on scene for four hours.

The incident is under investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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