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Thursday, June 8, 2017

News from House of Hound in Butler

A super huge Shout Out and Thank You to our own Carrie Adams!!! Many of you might not know this but It has been over one year now that Carrie has been running the House Of Hound Facebook page! It is a 24/7 job and she never really gets a full day away from the page and all of it’s activity! She posts all of our available dogs, all of our adoptions, courtesy posts for other rescues and individuals with lost or found dogs, plus responds to all of our Facebook messages. 

Carrie is also very involved with all of our online auctions and various fundraising activities as well. There are a few unsung heroes behind the scenes that have made a huge impact in our success thus far and Carrie is one of these individuals for sure! I can honestly say that House Of Hound would not still be in operation without her efforts! 

Carrie is very humble and never wants credit for the wonderful work that she does but we all really appreciate having her on our team and want to give her to know how we all really feel! Thank you so much for all you do Carrie! SALUTE! - Brooks