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Monday, August 7, 2017

Stabbing suspect arrested in Joplin

 Christopher J Sanders
On August 5, 2017 at 0538 AM an officer with the Joplin Police Department was on patrol in the area of 20th and Bird. He came across an adult male walking in the roadway. When he contacted him he found that he was covered in blood and had been stabbed in the chest. The male was in medical distress and the officer quickly realized he had a “sucking chest wound.” The officer applied immediate medical attention while Fire and EMS responded. The male was transported to the hospital.

A detective with the police department responded and began an investigation. He was able to track down a location where the assault possible occurred. While he and patrol checked an address of 1710 South Wall, they observed a male crawl out of a second story window before retreating back into the apartment. Officers eventually took a suspect into custody at that location for the assault.

The suspect as identified as Christopher J Sanders, 40, Joplin. Sanders was arrested for first degree assault and armed criminal action and those charges were sumitted to the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office. They filled those charges with a $100,000 bond plus $10,000 cash only.

The victim, a 44 year old male from Joplin, is expected to recover from his significant injuries.

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