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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Who turned out the lights?

On June 12th around 1145 am a construction worker at the Sheriff’s Office struck a underground power line causing the Sheriff’s Office to lose power to the building. The power line did not appear to be in the location that the original blue prints indicated from the 2004 construction. Due to the damage the generator failed to power the building causing a complete black out. This affected the 911 dispatching, jail operations and patrol operations. We initiated our emergency operations plan requiring all personnel to respond to the Sheriffs Office. 911 calls were transferred to Henry County Dispatch Center and dispatchers were set up at the Emergency Management Office. Jailers were placed inside the building at strategic locations to ensure the security and safe operations of the jail. The Butler Fire Department responded and stayed on scene during repairs to ensure the safety of the constructions workers during the repair. Temporary generator power was established around 7pm with full power established at approximately midnight. Phone services, 911 and dispatch capabilities were repaired at approximately 330am this morning.

Sheriff Anderson says “We are thankful that no one was hurt and we are proud of the men and women who responded to assist. We want to thank the Cass County Sheriff’s Office for covering the calls for service in the north end of the county, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and Central Dispatch for answering our 911 and calls for service, the Bates County EMA, the Butler Fire Department for not only responding but grabbing shovels and helping dig to get the repairs done, the Butler Electric Department, HP Electric, Plumbing plus, and all the construction crews and contractors who stayed for the long haul, Pizza Hut, Valerie and her crew at Chicken Larry’s who worked hard and stayed late to make sure all our crews were fed. It’s teamwork like this that makes you proud of our community that comes together to get a project done”.