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Friday, June 16, 2017

Bates County Coroner Activity Report 6/1-6/15-17

· 5 Nursing Home/Hospice type deaths were reported for the period. None required investigation.

· On 6/2/2017, the Coroner responded to a residence in Butler after being contacted by AMR Ambulance and the Bates County Sheriff’s office. Mr. Jerry Isaacson was pronounced at his home by Coroner Greg D. Mullinax with death due to natural causes.

· On 6/7/2017 the Corner was called to a residence in the city of Rich Hill by the Bates County Memorial Hospital Ambulance. Wanda Durham was pronounced by Coroner Greg D. Mullinax with death being due to natural causes.

· On 6/9/2017 the Bates County Coroner’s Office was contacted by the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office to investigate a death following an incident in Bates County. Mr. David Ashford was pronounced at Research Medical Center and the case remains under investigation at this time.