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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Current Presiding Commissioner of Bates County, Jim Wheatley seeks your support for re-election

Current Presiding Commissioner of Bates County, Jim Wheatley seeks your support for re-election. Take a moment to read about Jim's accomplishments as Presiding Commissioner, and what he sees as his responsibilities going forward.

Four years ago I ran for the Office of Presiding Commissioner to work on keeping the other elected Office Holders in the County accountable for the taxpayer dollars they spend each year.

Each year the County has shown slow growth in Reserves. I watch the expenditures each month to make certain that any extra funds are used from accounts that the Commission has no control over. These are funds that are not taxpayer dollars.

I have been available 24/7 since I took Office. If you have had a question or problem, I have not turned you away or ignored you. It might have taken a day or two to get back with you, but I did and worked with you.

This Commission has moved forward to acquire and renovate a building on the square in Butler. By doing this it will give all the Administrative Offices of the County additional space, along with additional storage. Moving the Administrative Offices to this building makes it more accessible to all Bates County citizens and visitors.

I am holding strong towards repairing the Courthouse. The first phase is to correct the drainage around the Courthouse. There has been a delay in this process, but the Commission is working to get this project moving forward. This Commission made certain there is funding available for this project.

If Re-Elected I will still be available 24/7. I will not ignore you, or just pass you on to someone else. You should always feel comfortable talking to me. I will continue to work to keep taxpayer dollars in my sights.

That is my job.